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A Public Service Message You Can Sink Your Teeth Into!

April is National Facial Protection Month.  We have some great reminders for your sports-minded listeners about the importance of wearing a mouth guard on the playing field. Click below for PSAs recorded by Arizona's All-Star Pitcher Patrick Corbin, who always wears a mouth guard on the mound. Whether your format is country, easy listening, rock, sports, talk or jazz, we have a message for you!

Kill date:  April 30, 2014

mp3 files

Voice only (no music bed)  :10     :15     :30

Sports/rock                            :10     :15     :30

Country                                    :10     :15     :30

Click this link to download Patrick Corbin Photo

AAO Press Releases

Arizona All-Star Patrick Corbin Teams Up with AAO to Promote National Facial Protection Month

American Association of Orthodontists Announces Adult Hall of Fame

Adult Hall of Fame Photos
     Amielle Zay Abshire               Dr. Steven Couch          Sarah Bryan Miller    
     Dr. Dorienne Taylor-Bishop    Pam Waterman             Dr. Nina Ziegler


AAO Annual Session in New Orleans Showcases Latest Trends in Orthodontic Treatments and Technologies

New Study Links Dental Problems in Children to Bullying

Study on Bullying Among Jordanian School Children - American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

FSAs: It's Open Enrollment Season; AAO Reminds Families About Changes in Flexible Spending Account Rules

Smiles are in Style: New Study Says Adults Seeking Orthodontic Treatment in Record Numbers

Adults Say Healthy, Beautiful Smiles Transform Lives - 92% Recommend Orthodontic Treatment to Other Adults

Infographic: Adult Treatment (JPG)

Timely Tips for a Spooktacular Smile This Halloween

AAO Study Shows One-Third of Americans are Unhappy with Their Smile (PDF)

AAO Study Infographic (JPG)


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